Our Curriculum

The Year 7 to 10 students are placed into mixed-ability classes. We provide extension opportunities and added challenges for students with faster learning rates. We offer individual learning support to students experiencing difficulty in literacy and numeracy.

Class placement in Years 11 to 13 is based on each student’s subjects which are selected from the courses offered. Entry requirements exist for Year 12 and 13 subjects and these are explained in the Senior Course Handbook.

All the subjects we offer are listed on the Curriculum Overview page of this website. More detailed information is available in the Year 9 and 10 option booklet and the Senior Course Handbook which is published in September each year.

The Junior School

Our major aims are to give our students:

  • a thorough grounding in the core subjects, particularly literacy and numeracy
  • the opportunity to explore a range of the other subject areas.

Students are in homerooms with the same teacher for English, Mathematics, and Social Studies. Their course also includes Science, Food Technology, Hard Materials Technology, Māori, Health and Physical Education, Visual Art, Music, and Computing. All subjects are taught in specialist rooms using the same facilities and equipment as the older students.

All students study English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Technology, Māori, Health and Physical Education, plus Year 9 and 10 modules.

All students study English, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Technology, Health, and Physical Education, plus Year 9 and 10 modules.

The Senior School

Course counselling with students and parents assists students in planning their senior course of study to ensure their programme includes subjects appropriate for their ability and career aspirations. This takes place in the second half of the school year.


All students study towards the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA Level 1). Students choose a total of six subjects.

It is highly recommended that all students take English, Mathematics, Skills for Life, and Science or Agriculture or Electronics.

Literacy & Numeracy Requirements for NCEA Level 1

Our major aims are to:

  • provide each student with a relevant course of study that is appropriate for their strengths and abilities.
  • give students sound preparation in the subjects they plan to carry on within their learning pathway.
  • prepare and equip students for further education and employment.

Te Kura, ARA Institute, The Learning Place Dunedin, and STAR courses may be available to selected students.

Waimate High School is a member of NetNZ, a group of secondary schools from throughout New Zealand that share teachers digitally. This means we can offer additional subjects. Students have weekly contact with their digital teacher along with online support.

A Gateway programme allows senior students to gain NCEA credits while spending time at a workplace.

Click on this link to access all Waimate High School Senior Course Outlines


Students in Years 11,12 and 13 may study towards the following qualifications:

Waimate High School is fully accredited to award credits in all conventional subjects. We are also accredited to teach and assess some vocational units.

How do I get NCEA Qualifications?

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