Parent Teacher Association

The Waimate High School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an important part of the school community.

We are a group of enthusiastic volunteers who hold monthly meetings during term time where we meet with school representatives. Joining the Waimate High School PTA is a great way to meet new people and extend your networks within the school community.

We look to support our students and school community with fundraising and practical help. Fundraising is a vital part of our role. We ensure that money raised each year is donated back to the school for specific resources, that benefit all the children.

We also get involved with other school events such as the Sports and Cultural Evening, Prizegiving and the Waimate High School Ball. In the past, we have donated funds to the school for new furniture for the school library.

We welcome all parents to join the PTA in whatever capacity they can contribute – whether parents/caregivers come to monthly meetings, donate towards raffles, or help out at school events, this participation and help are greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Waimate High School Parent Teacher Association, please contact the school office.