Student Leadership

There is a wide range of opportunities at Waimate High School within the areas of Leadership, Music, Art and Culture, Sports, and much more. Specific activities that students can get involved in may include Music Tuition, Art, Drama and Musicals, Basketball, Netball, Athletics, Rugby, Librarian, William Pike Challenge, Prefect roles, Technology … and many more activities.

Our Prefects for 2023

Lauriann Hodder – Head Prefect

Jack Gillespie – Head Prefect

Danelle Rens – Deputy Prefect

Lexis Mawdsley – Deputy Prefect

Jordy Sew Hoy – Sports Prefect

Ruby Shortus – Sports Prefect

Logan Clarkson – Arts Prefect

Pypr McMaster – Arts Prefect

Prefects from previous years.

2020 Prefects

Billy Boyne & Amelia Lindsay (Head Prefects), Kennedy Fernandes de Souza & Emilee Veldkamp (Arts Prefects), Harry Joyce & Joni-Lee Van Kleef (Sports Prefects)

2021 Prefects

Emily Hargreaves & Hannah Soper (Head Prefects), Eliza Boyne, Hayley Sutton, Emma Freeman, Jaden Meynell (Deputy Prefects)

2022 Prefects

Sophie Matthews (Sports), Jack Farrell (Sports), Katelyn Ronson (Deputy), Andrew Masayon (Head), Kate Melville (Head), Lily Shortus (Deputy), Alisha Roberts (Arts) and Sophia Cho (Arts).