William Pike Challenge Award

Waimate High School is offering Year Nine students the opportunity to achieve the William Pike Challenge Award (WPCA). This Award is an outdoor activity-based programme where the students complete eight outdoor adventure-based activities such as Mountain biking, Skiing, and Canyoning; Learn a new skill, sport, or hobby; and complete 20 hours of service within the community.

One of the major aims of the WPCA is to showcase the outdoors as a powerful tool for building confidence, building life skills, and for the development of personality and character within an individual. The WPCA also aims to introduce more young people to the outdoors and in particular to encourage them to take advantage of the wonderful environments they have in their own backyard. There is an opportunity for students to try a new sport, hobby, or skill, where they might discover a passion or strength.

There is an open invitation to listen to William Pike’s inspirational and motivating story. He began the Challenge Award after his legs were crushed in the 2007 eruption of Mt Ruapehu. As a result, he had his right leg amputated from the knee down.  It is a story of triumph over adversity and a desire to connect with others and foster a love and appreciation of the outdoors.  His story is truly remarkable.   During this time there will be further information about the WPCA and a specific question and answer time. Application forms will be available on the night, and from the school office. You can find more information on www.williampike.co.nz. This can lead you to the WPCA Facebook page and there is also a Waimate WPCA group on Facebook.

Waimate High School is looking for community groups, businesses, and individuals interested in helping out, sponsoring, and/or mentoring – especially with community service opportunities.

Waimate High School has approximately 240 Year 7 to 13 students and every student is unique and important.

At Waimate High School we want our students to be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners. This is our vision for our students. Learning programmes aim to enable students to foster and develop these essential qualities. Through a range of learning programmes, sporting, cultural and social activities, students are encouraged to engage actively and positively in their learning, to always try their best, and to reach for personal excellence.

Our Goal is to foster a lifelong love of learning. We hope that through their education at Waimate High School, our students develop the skills, attitudes and values that ensure they are well prepared for life. We want our future citizens and community leaders to take on their roles in life with confidence, courage, independence and self-awareness.