Student Support

Restorative principles underlie the way we treat people and the way we resolve problems wherever possible. Wrongdoing, harmful behaviour, and conflict is seen as a violation of people and relationships. We put quality relationships at the heart of how we work together, and students are encouraged to be respectful of each other, to be responsible for their own actions, and to be really honest in their interactions during this process.

Waimate High School is a place where both victims and wrongdoers are encouraged to actively participate in processes that put things right and that ensure justice and fairness. The students are given the choice to participate in the restorative process or a punitive process.

The Guidance Network

All staff work in a caring and supportive manner to help students enjoy their time at school. People to talk to about specific issues are:

Personal problems

  • Learning Advisory Teacher
  • Guidance Counsellor

Subject difficulties

  • Subject teacher
  • HOD
  • Learning Advisory
  • Pastoral Manager

School problem

  • Learning Advisory
  • Pastoral Manager
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Deputy Principal

Career Advice

  • Careers Advisor
  • Guidance Counsellor

Types of Support

Each student belongs to one of four Houses and during the year House competitions are held in a variety of activities. These include Athletics, Swimming, Five-a-side Competition, Pavement Art. The House system encourages students to participate in these activities for either competitive or participation points. The House Leaders, from Years 12 and 13, organise to lead their teams and promote school spirit.

The Houses are Chisholm (green), Grant (red), Leadbetter (blue), and Pitcaithly (white).

All Year 13 students have the opportunity to act as friends and guides to new students in an orientation programme to facilitate their entry into the school and to settle them into the ways of secondary school life. Senior students receive training for this role and are supported by teachers. 

Selected students from Years 10, 11 and 12 are trained as Peer Mediators. They are available during lunchtimes to assist students in the resolution of conflict situations through a structured mediation programme.

The Guidance Counsellor is a specialist teacher who is trained to help students adjust to life in secondary school and to deal with their learning and behavioural problems.

She is available to discuss with them their courses, progress, ambitions and future career prospects, offering advice where appropriate. The Counsellor helps students cope with any special problems that may be affecting them and to explore possible solutions.

The school provides a Reading Support Programme for those who require extra tuition. Teacher Aides are scheduled in many classes to provide additional support. Through a close relationship with Group Special Education, RTLB and CYFs, extra support may be offered as appropriate.

Students are shown how to study, how to set goals, and also receive advice on how to select subjects to enable them to achieve their chosen careers.

A Public Health Nurse visits the school once a week and is available for any student wishing to discuss a health issue.

Waimate High School supports students from contributing schools in making the transition to high school prior to their actually starting. This programme includes:

Open Afternoon in June when prospective students and their parents can visit and see the school in action and hear about the school’s activities and courses.

First Transition Day when students from contributing schools participate in sports activities, look at classes and talk with student leaders.

Enrolment interviews are led by the Principal and Guidance staff in the contributing schools.

Second Transition Day where prospective students spend a day at Waimate High School carrying out activities to assist them in familiarising themselves with the school layout and the staff who will be their teachers

For the first day of Term 1, Year 7 students and their peer support leaders are the only students here. This allows the new students to settle in more easily.

Restorative Practices

Restorative practices at Waimate High School include:

  • restorative chat
  • restorative conference
  • circle time for Year 7 and 8
  • class conference
  • Peer Mediation